Are you a large event organizer?

  1. Will your event have more than 2,000 people?
  2. Will your event charge an entrance fee?
  3. Will your event be held on public property?

If you answered YES to ANY of the previous questions, please click here to submit your event recycling plan.

Are you planning an event at a rented City Facility?

If so, please review program material and requirement here

Before the Event:

  • Plan and organize your event with Zero Waste in mind!
  • Choose reusable flatware, cups, plates and table coverings
  • Contact food donation organizations to donate surplus food
  • Review additional event greening resources below

At the Event:

  • Make an announcement to your guests to recycle and compost in the appropriate bins

After the Event

  • Ensure all recyclables and compostable items are placed in their proper bins. Please do not overfill bins.
  • Donate Food

Download the City of Oakland Facilities Rental brochure for more information.


BPI Certified Compostable Products Website

City of Oakland Disposable Food Service Ware Ordinance

Food Donation Resources:

Call a food pantry for hours of operations and details on accepted food:
West Oakland food Pantry, Prescott Joseph………….. (510) 208-5651
New Beginning International Ministry, Inc ……………… (510) 985-0541
Alameda County Food Bank………………………….(510) 635-3663 x605

Zero Waste Zone (ZWZ) Equipment Reservation Form

Event Greeners (Private Companies to Assist You in Your Zero Waste Event)

Request for Technical Assistance

Mayor/Council Debris Box Request Form

Open Market Recycling Service Providers