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trash bin and cart


Putting items that cannot be recycled and composted in the trash helps increase the quality of recycle and compost. Consider using reusable items or borrowing or renting things you do not use frequently.
acceptable trash items

Acceptable Items

The following items are examples of items allowed in the trash cart or bin:

Non-recyclable plastic: Plastic bags, toys, film and bubble wrap, plastic utensils, and straws.

Polystyrene foam: Foam cups, food containers, and packaging.

Household trash: Diapers, pet waste, broken ceramics, plates, and glasses.

Food packaging: Chip, candy and other food wrappers.

Tanglers: Hoses, wires, and hangars.

unacceptable trash items

Unacceptable Items

Common items found in the trash cart and bins that belong in the other carts, or are considered hazardous waste are:

Recyclables: Plastic, metal and glass bottles and jars.

Compostables: Food scraps, liquid and food-soiled paper, and yard debris.

Hazardous Waste: Batteries, CFL light bulbs, electronics, sharps, medical waste, paints and solvents, and propane tanks.

Tips for Trash

  1. Save room in your trash cart by putting recyclables and compostables into the correct carts.
  2. Do not overfill your cart. If you have large items that do not fit, or need to dispose of appliances, furniture, or extras waste, take advantage of the free bulky pickup or drop off program.
  3. Reduce the amount of materials going into the landfill, consider reusing or recycling materials, such as donating gently worn clothing.
  4. If you have electronics or other hazardous waste, please click here for disposal options.

Did You Know?

  1. Organic waste releases methane gas if it is thrown in the trash and landfilled. Only place food scraps and plant debris into your compost cart or bin so it has a chance to come back as nutrients for soil.
  2. Overfilled carts may cause litter and other issues for your neighborhood. Help keep Oakland clean by taking advantage of the free bulky pickup or drop off program. If you see abandoned waste, report it to 311.
  3. Hazardous waste such as batteries, electronics, motor oil, and chemicals never belong in the trash. They can create fires on the trucks and should not go into the landfills.