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Reduce and Reuse

Before You Throw Those Used Things Away...

Many common household items can be reused, repaired or recycled. Refer to the resources below for ideas on how to reuse items and reduce waste.

Resources to Reduce and Reuse

For more tips on preventing waste, visit stopwaste.org/at-home/reduce-and-reuse

reuse furniture, toys and clothes

re:source Tool

When getting rid of unwanted clothes, toys and furniture, first try RE:Source, which is StopWaste’s on-line guide to reuse, repair, and recycling just about anything. It contains information on “reuse” organizations and drop-off locations. Many of the locations also sell used items. Visit resource.stopwaste.org.

More Tips: Many household items such as furniture, appliances, and electronics, can be repaired. Check your local area for community repair events and Fixit Clinics, and search online for repair shops in your area using the RE:Source tool.

Borrow, rent, donate, and share items that you don’t need every day. Check your local tool lending library or hardware store for borrowing or renting options. If your items are too loved for a second life, put them in the trash. Old toys and clothing are not recyclable.