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Construction and Demolition

Construction and Demolition Debris Management

Before you get started on your new construction, renovation or demolition project, take a few moments to review recycling and debris hauling requirements.

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Recycling is Mandatory

Proper separation of your Construction and Demolition (C&D) materials will help maximize recycling and ensure you reach your diversion targets as well as save money.

Construction projects must recycle 100% of:

  • Asphalt & Concrete (includes cement-based products)
  • Rock, Sand & Gravel
  • Plant Debris or Yard Waste (trees, brush, bushes, vines, turf/lawn clippings etc.) 
  • Clean Fill (Soil/Dirt)

These items cannot go in a load of Mixed C&D debris or trash bin for disposal.  These items cannot go to landfill (banned):

  • Clean Wood or Clean Lumber Scraps
  • Cardboard and Paper Products

In small amounts, these can be included in Mixed C&D loads that are sorted at recycling centers. 

Projects must recycle a minimum of 65% of all other materials. Higher is better for everyone. Facilities do not have the same level of recycling performance and may cause a project to fall below the minimum requirement. Check the recycling rate before you select a facility, do not rely on their published rates.  

Waste Management of Alameda County is one of the many approved construction and demolition debris transportation service providers. Contact them or any of the authorized haulers for details.

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Use Authorized Haulers Only

Hauling of C&D debris is covered by municipal code.  If you need to hire someone to haul debris, here is a list of authorized haulers for Oakland projects.  Anyone not appearing on this list is not authorized to provide you services. 

Service providers (haulers, debris box services & demolition contractors) transporting construction and demolition (C&D) debris from projects in Oakland must obtain a fully executed non-exclusive franchise agreement (per Oakland Municipal Code, Section 15.34.040). The current list of service providers is available to view at Oaklandca.gov.

When a project fails to meet the standards, the City will assess penalties. Here are the common violations.

  • Less than 65% recycling rate
  • Use of Unauthorized Haulers
  • Use of Unauthorized Facilities

Penalties are assessed for each violation and add up quickly! Review these requirements with your contractor(s) or sub-contractor(s) before work begins to make sure everyone understands what their role is in meeting the standards. 


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