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About Oakland Recycles

Oakland Recycles is a collaboration of the City of Oakland, California Waste Solutions, Waste Management of Alameda County, Inc. and you!
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Our Mission

We are committed to providing the services and information you need to recycle right. For service issues, recycling questions, or feedback, Contact us.

Oakland Recycles commits to engage Oaklanders in the following actions:

  • Keeping our city clean and litter free.
  • Reducing upstream greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) resulting from the items we buy, use, and discard.
  • Eliminating the disposal of compostable and recyclable materials in the landfill to prevent GHGs generated when organic material like food, paper and plants decompose in the landfill.

Learn more about the City’s commitment to reducing overall GHGs and GHGs associated with materials consumption and management formalized by the Oakland 2030 Equitable Climate Action Plan.

MM&O and RR agreement

The City of Oakland completed a public procurement process for solid waste collection services that ended in 2015 with the selection of Waste Management of Alameda County to provide residential and commercial trash and compost collection services and California Waste Solutions to provide residential recycling collection services.  The Mixed Material and Organics Collection Services Contract  and the Residential Recycling Collection Services Contract establish the full scope and standards for those services. For a complete historical perspective on the steps the City took from design through the issuance of new contracts visit Zero Waste Oakland History.

Mandatory Weekly Trash, Recycle, and Compost Removal

Oakland Municipal Code Chapter 8.28 mandates all businesses, multifamily properties and single-family homes subscribe to weekly trash, recycle, and compost collection that matches waste generation levels. The City of Oakland Environmental Enforcement Officers are working hard to enforce mandatory waste collection and stop illegal dumping. Together, we can keep Oakland clean. Know the rules:

  1. All trash, recycle, and compostables discarded by a business, multifamily property, or single family home must be sorted and in watertight containers of sufficient size and capacity to hold all material between weekly service. (OMC 8.28.140).
  2. It is unlawful for any person to put waste from their business or home in, on top of, or alongside the street litter containers placed in the sidewalk area. Street litter containers are for use by pedestrians depositing small waste carried by them (OMC 8.28.160).
  3. It is unlawful for any person to illegally dump or improperly dispose of waste matter (OMC 8.11.310).

For more information visit the page on city, county and state laws and requirements.

Services & Rates

Visit the service and rates page for single-family, multifamily and business customers.