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Hazardous Waste

Batteries, Oil, E-Waste, Paints & Other Hazardous Waste

Many common household products, such as used motor oil, leftover paint, pesticides and fertilizer products, and electronics are considered hazardous waste and should never be disposed of in the recycle, compost or garbage containers. Consider using the used oil and household battery curbside collection program for residents.

Residential Curbside Options

batteries in bag on recycling bin

Household Battery Recycling

  • Put used batteries in a clear zip-lock bag. Place sealed bag on top of your recycle cart/bin on your regular pickup day.
  • Include only Household Dry-Cell Batteries such as: Alkaline, Button Cell, Ni-Cadmium Batteries.
  • Battery Recycling Information (PDF)


  • Disposing of the batteries incorrectly can cause injuries or fire hazards.
  • Consumer batteries can short-circuit if their ends come in contact with one another. Place button-cell and NiCadmium batteries in separate, clear zip-lock plastic bags and tape ends of batteries to avoid contact.
motor oil near recycling bin

Used Motor Oil

Recycling used motor oil and filters is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Pour the used motor oil into the approved jug provided by California Waste Solutions and close the cap tightly.
  2. Put the filter into the approved zip tight bag, provided by California Waste Solutions or place it into a zip close plastic bag.
  3. For pick up place the jug and bag at the curb next to your recycle cart or bin on your scheduled pick up day.

If you don’t have an approved used motor oil jug and filter bag call California Waste Solutions at (510) 625-5263 Oakland or email OaklandCS@calwaste.com

Learn more about used motor oil and filter recycling.

bulky items at curb

Electronic Waste

You may dispose of electronic waste such as TVs, small appliances, and other consumer electronics using the Oakland Bulky Junk Services. Visit the Bulky Junk Services page for using the free curbside and/or drop off option.

Drop Off Options for Hazardous Waste

hazardous waste, paint, monitors, computers

Items to be disposed at a certified facility:

  • fluorescent bulbs
  • paints
  • stains
  • solvents
  • thinners
  • adhesives
  • pesticides
  • cleaners
  • household garden chemicals
  • auto chemicals
  • spray cans
  • car batteries
  • electronic waste

Take them to the Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 2100 East 7th Street, Oakland. Drop offs are limited to 15 gallons/125 pounds per vehicle. Call (800) 606-6606 for days and hours of operation.

Visit household-hazwaste.org or call (800) 606-6606.

Businesses can get disposal options by visiting StopWaste.org.