Property Managers

New Bulky Program For Renters

Starting November 15, 2021, tenants may now directly schedule a bulky curbside pickup without prior approval.

What’s New?

Direct Tenant Scheduling and Self-Haul Option

Tenants can now directly schedule curbside bulky collections or drop offs. You no longer have to manage bulky collections for your building. Tenants can call Waste Management directly at 1-888-WM-BULKY and schedule a pickup. Each unit can receive one bulky pickup a year and one drop off at the Davis Street Resource Recovery Complex in San Leandro.

More Capacity

Every unit in your building can set out up to 4 cubic yards of bulky waste for each curbside collection appointment. Bulky waste includes furniture, bagged trash, and other items that do not fit into the curbside cart or bin. In addition, they can set out a limited number of large items like appliances, mattresses, electronics and tires.

You will still be able to schedule bulky collection services for your property. WM can provide you and your tenants educational opportunities to help make this new program a success.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What’s my responsibility as a residential Property Manager/Owner?
Residential property managers and building owners are no longer responsible for signing waiver forms or scheduling curbside pickups for your residents. However, we ask that you make sure tenants know what can be placed curbside and that items such as household hazardous waste are prohibited. Instructions for your tenants are available in multiple languages at

When will tenants be able to schedule curbside appointments?
All appointments for multifamily properties will be scheduled during the last week of each month.

Can I still schedule a roll-off container to collect bulky items for tenants?
Yes. You may still schedule a roll-off container to collect bulky goods from your tenants. The amount collected will count towards the per unit limits.

Will I be responsible for uncollected items?
Yes. Any materials setout but not accepted through the bulky pickup program will be the responsibility of the property owner. Materials not accepted in the program must be removed from the curbside within 24 hours after the appointment. Materials not removed could result in fine from the City of Oakland.

What happens if my tenant sets out more than is allowed in a curbside pickup?
If all the items set out are acceptable bulky materials, WMAC will collect all items then deduct the overage amount against your building’s annual yardage allotment (# of Units x 4 yards). Please note: If the appointment is made by the property manager/owner, they will be charged an overage fee.

How can I make sure tenants are setting out acceptable items?
Tenants making curbside appointments will be sent a detailed guide describing what is acceptable and non-acceptable. This information also includes how to properly set out materials. You can also find helpful outreach at which you can distribute to your tenants or post in common areas. The property manager listed on the account will also receive a notification of a curbside appointment.

How do I prevent illegal dumping from occurring near the bulky piles?
You can help prevent illegal dumping by designating an area for your tenants to set out their bulky items. Make sure the designated area is well lit. Tenants are told not to place items curbside until the day before their schedule appointment.

Please click here to download a PDF of the information found on this page.

WMAC Customer Service: 1-888-WM-BULKY