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Businesses are required to have containers and service of sufficient number, size and frequency for all recyclable and compostable materials generated. Learn more about the County requirements at My Recycling Rules as well as the State recycling requirements and State compost collection requirements.


Waste Management is the exclusive provider of compost collection services for Oakland businesses and institutions.  Order compost collection service and request free technical assistance.

What goes into the Compost Bin?

Food Scraps, Food Soiled Paper, Yard Debris, Untreated Wood



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Compost Collection Best Practices: Train Your Employees

1. Separate Compostable Materials – No glass, plastic, metal or trash in compost
2. Collect in Your Interior Containers –  Line containers with clear plastic bags, paper bags, BPI certified compostable plastic bags or use no bag at all
3. Empty into Compost Cart for Pickup – Monitor to ensure ensure only compostable materials are included. Do not put in recyclables, nor trash such as rubber gloves, conventional plastic bags, etc.
4. Train your employees – Check out this helpful training video:


KEEP OUT of the Compost Bin!

Do not place recyclables, trash, plastic bags (unless BPI certified compostable plastic bags), or hazardous waste into the compost bin/cart.



Commercial recycling is open market in Oakland. You can shop around for the service provider that works best for you. Explore our business recycling service provider directory.

California Waste Solutions will provide recycling service to any business upon request.

What MUST be Recycled?


At a minimum, you must recycle all materials covered by the mandatory recycling law. These are: cardboard, newspaper, white paper, mixed recyclable paper, recyclable glass food and beverage containers, metal (aluminum and steel) food and beverage containers, PET (#1) and HDPE (#2) plastic bottles. (ACWMA Ord. 2012-01 and AB341)

Ask your recycling service provider what materials they collect. Specifics may vary slightly.


KEEP OUT of the Recycle Bin!

Do not place food scraps, plastic bags, textiles (cloth, rags, etc.), nonrecyclable or hazardous waste materials into the Recycle bin/cart.  This includes polystyrene and foam packaging, paint, and light bulbs.



Waste Management is the exclusive provider of Trash collection services for Oakland businesses and institutions. Order Trash collection service and request free technical assistance.

What goes into the Trash Bin?

Non-Recyclable & Non-Hazardous Materials

plastic_bags hairnet Plasticl-gloves


KEEP OUT of the Trash Bin?

Do not place food scraps, recyclables or hazardous waste into the trash bin/cart. (ACWMA Ord. 2012-01)



Household Hazardous and Toxic Waste

Hazardous waste such as batteries, light bulbs, cleaning fluids cannot go into the trash. Use Recycle Where or visit for Business Hazardous Waste information.


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