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Keep Your Recyclables Empty, Clean & Dry

A cartoon graphic of a hand dumping out water from a water bottle.

Empty containers

A cartoon graphic of a hand dumping out food from a box

Clean food waste

A cartoon graphic of a pile of wet carboard and paper drying in the sun

Dry cardboard and paper

A indoor recycling station with three different bins

A woman putting a bag of papers and cardboard into a big recycling bin

Just because something has a recycle symbol doesn’t make it recyclable.
Click the button below to make sure items are accepted in Oakland’s curbside service.

Curbside Service

What DOES go in the Recycling:

Plastic bottles, jugs and tubs

  • Plastic bottles, tubs, and lids
  • Plastic milk jugs
  • Plastic containers
  • Clean clamshell and other plastic take-out containers

Only these types of plastics go in your curbside cart. Unsure if you can recycle an item? Search

Paper and carboard next to a recycling cart

  • Clean paper
  • Clean cardboard
  • Junk mail and magazines
Empty glass bottles

  • Empty glass jars
  • Empty glass bottles
An empty aluminum round plate

  • Clean aluminum foil
  • Metal containers
  • Cans
  • Aluminum cans

Avoid Contamination

The following items are NOT accepted in Oakland’s curbside recycling service:


Compost has its own bin. Click here to learn what to compost!

hot ashes, cigarette butts, chip bags, styrofoam plates

Summer Challenges: hot ashes, cigarette butts, chip bags, styrofoam plates, wipes

Dirty and used aluminum foil bin

Dirty aluminum foil

Plastic bags

Plastic bags, wrap, and film

A cude of strofoam

Polystyrene (styrofoam)

plastic cups and forks

Unrecyclable plastic, including but not limited to shrink wrap, bubble wrap, red solo cups, plastic forks & spoons, and children’s toys

Broken coffee cup, plastic utensiles and straws

Ceramics, plates and cups

Face masks and gloves

Face masks and gloves

A diaper


Green garden hose

Garden hose

Indoor used extension cord and copper wire

String lights, extension cords, power outlets, wire cable, and fire extinguishers

Household chemicals and propane tanks

Household chemicals and propane tanks

A car, tool and cellhphone battery

Cell phone batteries, computer batteries, car batteries, and tool batteries

Old computer monitor

Small appliances and electronics

Used energy saving light buld

Light bulbs

Drop it off at Oakland’s Household Hazard Waste facility at 2100 East 7th Street, Oakland.
Visit StopWaste’s website for more info.

Folded used blankets and towels

Blankets and curtains

Household and curten brackets/poles

Household items, including
but not limited to: wood, blinds,
kitchen appliances

Used jeans


Is that still usable? Donate it! Visit to find out where to donate your usable household goods and clothing.


Remember to put household batteries in a sealed plastic bag on top of your recycle bin, and your motor oil recycling kit next to the bin. Acceptable batteries include: alkaline, button cell and ni-cadmium. For more information, check out our brochure.

Put Motor Oil Recycling Kit next to the bin. Complete the free tools form on our website for a free kit.

Bages of batteries and oil on top of recycling bins



Common items that go in the Green Bin:

Eaten apple core

Fruit and vegetable scraps

Eaten chicken wing and broken eggshells

Meat and bones
Cheese, butter and eggshells

a small pile of pasta

Bread, cereal, rice and pasta

Chinese food and pizza takeout boxes

Take out boxes
Fats, oils and grease – in solid form

Used tea and coffee bags

Loose leaf tea and coffee grounds

Dirty empty open pizza box

Food-soiled paper and cardboard,
such as napkins, paper towels,
pizza boxes, and egg cartons

Want to reduce food waste? Learn how at

A man playing acoustic guitar throwing out food in the compost pin

Tips for Cleaner Composting:

  • Line the kitchen pail with newspaper, paper towels, or shredded paper to help soak up liquids and odors.
  • Place cardboard at the bottom of your compost bin to absorb moisture.
  • Place food scraps in a sealable container in the freezer until your pick-up date.
  • Empty foodscraps into a paper bag to transport to the bin — the paper bag can be composted, too.



Items you want to recycle that don’t go into the cart? Look them up at

Bill Insert

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Program Guides

To download a printed version of your Program Guide:

English – Oakland Residential Recycling Program Guide

Spanish – Guía del Programa de Reciclaje Residencial

Chinese – 住宅回收計劃指南

Vietnamese – Hu?ng D?n Chuong Trinh Tái Ch? Cho Cu Dân

Prevent Food Waste!

By making small shifts in how you shop, prepare, and store food, you can toss less, eat well, save money, and help reduce climate change.

A woman handing over fresh produce to a man with a iPhone showing an app for food waste prevention