City of Oakland Zero Waste Service Information

Oakland Zero Waste Service Information

Multi-family properties (5+ units) are required to have recycling and composting collection service for their residents. Effective January 1, 2017 the compost/organics provision of the Alameda County Mandatory Recycling Ordinance (MRO) is being enforced by the Alameda County Waste Management Authority. Multi-family properties are also subject to mandatory organics by the State of California under AB 1826.

*Oakland Municipal Code requires property managers to provide residents access to all franchised collection services. (OMC 8.28.140.D)

Compost Cart Availability

5-12 Units
5-12 Units
13 Units or More
13 Units or More

Make sure you have enough service to capture all food scraps, yard trimmings and food- soiled paper your residents generate. Carts and bins are available at no additional charge. Order what you need today!

To request additional cart(s), contact Waste Management at (510) 613-8710.

Tools for Successful Composting

To help create a successful food scraps collection program at your building, Waste Management offers onsite technical assistance and door-to-door outreach to tenants.

Service Brochure
Kitchen Pails
1 ACWMA Interior Container Grant for Common Areas in Building

For Your Residents:

  • Trash, Recycling & Composting Service Brochure
  • Kitchen Pail for In-Home Collection of Food Scraps/Food-Soiled Paper
  • Multi-Lingual Videos on “What’s Compostable”
    (Click here for video)
  • Posters for Trash, Recycling & Composting
  • Caddies to collect recyclables

For Your Building(s):



Technical Assistance

Need help assessing your service needs or the placement of collection containers for optimum participation? Contact your Oakland Recycles team to schedule a site visit:

Discover All the Services Available to Multifamily Buildings

** In accordance with program guidelines which vary by number of units per property

Service Brochure
Service Brochure
Kitchen Pail
Kitchen Pail
1-2-3 Compost Flier
1-2-3 Compost Flier
Compost Decal & Poster Sample
Compost Decal & Poster Sample
Recycle Decal
Recycle Decal & Poster Sample
Trash Decal & Poster Sample
Trash Decal & Poster Sample
16 x 20 Poster
16 x 20 Poster
Recycle Caddy
Oil Changing Kit
Oil Changing Kit
Property Manager's Tool Kit
Property Manager’s Tool Kit

Property Manager’s Tool Request Form

Intended for Multifamily Properties with 5 or more units. Single-Family residents may visit this page for single-family services.

Property Manager’s Tool Request Form
Complete this form to arrange to pick up of materials. For pickup, allow 48-hours to process request. You may pick up materials either at:
Waste Management: 172 98th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94603 between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday thru Friday. OR
California Waste Solutions: 1820 10th St, Oakland, CA 94607 between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday thru Friday.
Contact Information
Service Brochures
Indicate quantity needed for each category. If none needed, leave field blank.
Kitchen Pail - to Collect Food Scraps
Please order only the quantity you believe will be used by your residents. Not everyone will compost and some will prefer to use their own collection method.
1-2-3 Compost Flier in 4 Languages
Flier is delivered with kitchen pail. Order if you want extra copies.
Cart Decals
Cart Decals - "What Goes Where" Place on cart lids to remind residents what belongs in each cart.
3 Carts Poster with Bulky Collection Information
Post in a common area to remind residents what belongs in each cart and how they can dispose of bulky items.
Indoor and Outdoor "What Goes Where" Poster
Available in 9"x12" and 12"x18"
Post above your carts to remind residents what belongs in each cart.
Recycle Caddy - To Collect Recyclables
Recycle caddies are available! Please indicate the quantity below. Quantities are limited. Please keep your order to 1 caddy per unit.
Oil Changing Kit
California Waste Solutions provides a box of six (6) sets of oil changing kits. Residents must use this kit for oil and filter recycling service.
Property Manager Tool Kit
Complete details of the new Oakland Zero Waste services for multifamily residents and property owners. Click here to download "Property Manager Recycling Services Kit"