Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and Mattress Drop-Off Event

one-day-hhw-flyer-oaklandcoliseum-r2-image_page_1The countywide organization StopWaste is hosting a free HHW and mattress drop-off event at the Oakland Coliseum on Sunday, August 20, 2017 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Materials accepted include: pesticides and garden products, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, paint, electronics & small appliances, propane tanks, medicine, oil, gasoline, automotive fluids, household cleaners and sharps in containers. Advance registration is required.

Residents may also drop mattresses and box springs without advance registration.

Stopwaste will mail a postcard to Oakland residents near the Coliseum, and Oakland Recycles is promoting the event through our website and social media channels.  Download a copy of the postcard.

one-day-hhw-flyer-oaklandcoliseum-r2-image_page_2For more information to register for HHW drop-off residents may visit or call 800-606-6606.


What’s New on Oakland Recycles?

We’ve made a few changes to make the site more readable and easier to navigate.

We’ve added a new Bulky Pickup Services page.  Bulky Pickup Services are available to all Oakland residents, including those in apartments and condos.  On the new page, you’ll find information for both residents and property managers, including how to schedule an appointment, and how to properly set out materials.

With the holiday season upon us, check out our Holiday Recycle Right Quiz and Guide.

And finally, businesses will find additional tools, information and resources on our updated Business page.

If you have any questions or concerns about our website update, or notice any issues, please contact us at

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Holiday Treecycling

December 26, 2018 – January 11, 2019

Now available for all residences in Oakland

Convenient and free pickup of holiday trees takes place on your regularly scheduled Compost service day. Cut taller trees to 4 feet – no flocking, ornaments or stands. Place curbside*.

All residences in Oakland, including apartments and condos now receive this service. Please note that a separate collection vehicle may pick up the trees.

*For buildings over 100 units: Building or Property Managers, please call Waste Management at 510-613-8710 to determine the best method of collection and schedule service.



Holiday tree

Cut to 4 feet – no flocking, ornaments or stands. Place curbside on service day.

Árbol de navidad: córtelo a una altura de 4 pies (1,22 m) y quite toda la nieve artificial, los adornos y los soportes. Colóquelo en el borde de la acera en los días de servicio.

聖誕樹:裁切為 4 英尺長 – 不要有填充物、裝飾品或底 座。請在服務日將樹木放在街道邊。

Cây Mừng Lễ: Cắt từng khúc 4 feet – không có bông tuyết, đồ trang trí hoặc chân đứng. Đặt bên lề đường vào ngày có xe đổ rác làm việc.

New Cart Options

Improved 20-Gallon Carts Arrive in October
New Cart Sizes Available for All Materials

New carts have arrived! Oakland Recycles is now making compact 20-gallon carts available for all discards: Trash, Compost and Recycling, for residents’ convenience. As a first step, in October and November Waste Management will be delivering new wheeled 20-gallon carts to households that currently subscribe to 20-gallon trash service. These households currently have either a container without wheels, or a 32-gallon cart with an insert that reduces the capacity to 20 gallons.

The new 20-gallon carts are true 20-gallon containers, with no inserts. They are smaller and lighter than the standard 64-gallon carts used for Compost and Recycling, are easier to use, and fit in smaller storage spaces.

“For years residents have been asking for a better container for 20-gallon trash service,” said Sean Maher, Zero Waste Communications Manager, “and we were able to deliver that with the new contract. What’s more, now all residents can select 20-gallon or 32-gallon carts for Recycling or Compost. Twenty-gallon Compost carts are great for households that produce only food scraps and little or no yard trimmings.”

The new 20-gallon trash carts will be delivered on regular service days to residents who currently subscribe to 20-gallon trash service. These customers will see their old Compost carts replaced with new 64-gallon Compost carts at the same time. Residents will receive a notification postcard in advance of their cart replacement, and an automated phone call reminder the week their replacement is scheduled, through November 13. Residents should set out both Trash and Compost carts, even if they are not full, and leave them at the curb until 6:00 pm, each service day until they are replaced, through November 13.

Residents may call Waste Management at 510-613-8710 to replace their standard 64-gallon Compost cart with any available cart size (20-gallon, 32-gallon or 96-gallon), at no additional charge. Residents may call California Waste Solutions at 510-OAKLAND (510-613-8710) to replace their standard 64-gallon Recycling cart with any available cart size (20-gallon, 32-gallon or 96-gallon), also at no additional charge.

New Cart Sizes Available for All Materials

Now all residential customers may select the best size Recycling or Compost cart for their needs.

  • To switch to a 20-gallon, 32-gallon, 64-gallon or 96-gallon Compost cart, contact Waste Management at (510) 613-8710 or  Service rates remain the same, regardless of the Compost cart size you select. One free replacement per year. Charges apply for additional changes.
  • To switch to a 20-gallon, 32-gallon, 64-gallon or 96-gallon Recycling cart, contact California Waste Solutions at 510-OAKLAND (510-625-5263) or Service rates remain the same, regardless of the Recycling cart size you select.  One free replacement per year. Charges apply for additional changes.
  • Service rates change when you switch to a different size Trash cart. You can reduce your rate by switching to a smaller container. Contact Waste Management at 510-613-8710 or

Commercial Compost Rates and Low-income Senior Discount

Oakland Reduces Commercial Compost Rates and Restores Discount Program for Low-income Seniors

Oakland, CA – City leaders approved on Tuesday night (October 6, 2015) an agreement with Oakland’s trash and compost service provider to reduce compost rates for businesses and restore a discount program for low-income seniors.

In July the City launched “Oakland Recycles,” a new zero waste program of trash, compost and recycling services with a goal to divert all compostable and recyclable material away from landfills. Under the new program, commercial composting service rates charged by Waste Management of Alameda County, Inc. (WMAC) were “upside down” – higher, in most cases, than the comparable rates for trash service, creating a disincentive for businesses to compost. The City met with WMAC officials to address those issues.

With Tuesday’s agreement, WMAC will reduce commercial composting rates to 30 percent below the corresponding trash rates, effective October 1 until July 2016. Starting in July 2016, composting rates will be set at 25 percent below trash rates.

In addition, WMAC committed to funding a low-income senior discount program that had sunsetted in July. The program had provided a 12.5 percent discount to about 1,500 low-income senior customers at an annual cost of approximately $80,000 per year. Recently the City set aside $100,000 to restore that discount program for one year. WMAC’s commitment is to fund that program thereafter, supported by Waste Management’s charitable fund.

For more information, businesses with questions about their services or bills should call WMAC at (510) 613-8700. Residents should call (510) 613-8710.

If a customer has contacted WMAC and needs additional assistance, they can contact the City’s Recycling Hotline at (510) 238-SAVE (7283) or

Q&A: Push Charges for Trash, Compost & Recycling Services from Oakland Recycles

Low-Income Senior Discount Restored for One Year

Low-Income Senior Discount Restored for One Year

The City of Oakland has identified funding to restore a garbage bill discount program for low-income seniors for one year, while working to identify long-term funding to continue the discount program.

About 1,500 low-income seniors living in single-family buildings had been receiving a discount on their garbage bills until July 1, 2015, when the discount program ended. The City Council recently allocated $100,000 in funding to restore and support the discount from July 2015 through June 2016. The City of Oakland and Waste Management are continuing to discuss ways the discount program can be funded for future years.

Customers who were enrolled in this program when it ended will be automatically re-enrolled on October 1, with the discount credited retroactively to July 1. The discount is available to low-income seniors who qualify for the PG&E CARE program. For information about this discount program call Waste Management at (510) 613-8710.

UPDATE 10/6/15: An agreement has been reached to continue the restored low-income senior discount in future years.  More information.